Date change notice: If you were already approved for a scholarship your scholarship approval will still be valid for the new dates in September. Your registration will automatically be transferred to the new date unless you notify us in writing at that you are not available to attend the meeting over the new dates, in which case you will be removed from the scholarship list. If you booked a room outside of the GEST room block please be sure to cancel it. You are also responsible for rescheduling all travel arrangements.


In order to participate in the GEST Trainees Scholarship you must be a resident, fellow, or medical student. In addition, you will be required to:


• Attendance is required for the full symposium; sign-in sheets will be at all sessions beginning at 8 a.m. on Thursday, May 14, to 12 p.m. on Sunday, May 17.
• Audit at least three lectures of the GEST 2020 activity
• Write a concise summary about key take-aways from those lectures
• Complete a brief survey post-activity


Note: Feedback provided by trainees may be chosen for inclusion in a post-activity report designed to enhance the value of GEST 2020.


Only domestic applications are accepted for Medical Students for GEST 2020 Scholarship. Global scholarships are available for Residents & Fellows only. If you are based in the NY/NJ area, scholarships are limited to complimentary registration without travel reimbursement.


  • Complimentary tuition to GEST 2020 focused Physician-in-Training Program, hands-on workshops and special sessions
  • Networking Reception with Course Directors and Industry supporters
  • Organized tour of the exhibit hall led by Course Directors and Training Committee members
  • Travel expenses reimbursed up to $500 USD


1. Download the “Trainees Scholarship Agreement”:

2. Obtain a letter from a dean, program administrator or equivalent school official (on institutional letterhead) confirming resident, fellow, or medical student status.


3. Submit the Agreement Form and signed letter from your director.

4. Complete Conference Management will send confirmation of your participation within one week of your application.

5. Once approved to participate, Complete Conference Management will provide a special registration code with which you can register for GEST 2020 at no charge.


6. Complete Conference Management will provide the trainee specific expense reimbursement form at GEST 2020.


7. Complete Conference Management will provide the trainee a specific evaluation form at GEST 2020.


8. Upon completion of the evaluation and reimbursement forms, trainees will receive reimbursement for their travel expenses.


The scholarship for trainees is subsidized by unrestricted educational grants.


Please contact Complete Conference Management Registration by phone at 305-279-2263, or via email at

GEST 2020 | September 2 – 5, 2020 | New York, NY